Northern Myotis

The northern myotis closely resembles the fringed myotis

The northern myotis (Myotis septentrionalis) is a blue-listed species (of special concern) in British Columbia. It hibernates from September to late April or May and if certain factors aren't reversed, it will no longer be found in the wild.


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  • The northern myotis is widely but sparsely distributed across forested regions of the eastern United States and Canadian north and west to the southern Northwest Territories and eastern British Columbia.
  • Occurs along upper Columbia north of Revelstoke, detected in the Trout Lake area in 2009


  • Upland, wetland and riparian
  • Throughout most of its range, the northern myotis is associated with boreal forests; in British Columbia it is also found in the wet forests of the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Zone. Elsewhere in North America, day roosts and nursery colonies have been found in buildings and under the bark of trees


  • Colonial breeder
  • Litter size is 1; nursery colonies are relatively small, most often 2-30 adults.
  • Parturition occurs in late June to early July in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and New York.
  • Parental care, nurses young

Listing and Date

Listing Date
B.C. List Blue
SARA S2, S3 Dec 2006

Threats to Species

  • Habitat loss (timber harvesting, reservoir creation).
  • Disturbance at cave or mine hibernacula
  • Pesticide use

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For more information on this species, visit: The BC Species and Ecosystem Explorer where you should enter "northern myotis" in the Species Name field.



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