Mountain Goat

Mountain goat triggers a remote motion camera in the East Kootenay

The mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) is yellow listed (not at risk) in British Columbia. No other hoofed animal in North America is as well adapted to steep terrain and severe winters. B.C. is the heartland of mountain goats and is home to more than half of the world's population.


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The western U.S.  states, Alaska, British Columbia, and small numbers in Alberta, Yukon, and Mackenzie Territory. Selkirk and Purcell Ranges, Rocky Mt. support large numbers of mountain goat.  There are some in the East Kootenay as well.


Alpine and subalpine habitat; steep grassy talus slopes, grassy ledges of cliffs, or alpine meadows. Usually at timberline or above. May seek shelter and food in stands of spruce or hemlock in winter. Young are born on rock ledges or steep cliffs.


The mating season peaks in late November and early December. After a gestation period of six months, nannies retire to secluded, precipitous ledges to give birth to their 3 kg kids in late May or early June. A single birth is the rule, and up to 40 percent of mature nannies may not produce any offspring. Twins are rare.

Listing and Date

Listing Date
B.C. List Yellow

Threats to Species

  • Limited predation from wolves, cougars and eagles
  • Falls from avalanches
  • Loss of habitat
  • Severe winters with deep snow covering forage and delaying spring green-up
  • Habitat loss—lack of large stand replacing fires

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For more information on this species, visit The BC Species and Ecosystem Explorer and enter "mountain goat" in the species Name field.



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