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Cranberry Marsh is a large, productive wetland situated just south of Valemount, BC. In the early 1980's, at the request of the Province of BC, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) enhanced the marsh by installing two dykes with control structures and a number of nesting islands for waterfowl. The 110.4-hectare McKirdy compartment of Cranberry Marsh now provides good breeding habitat for a large variety of waterfowl, including Canada geese, mallard, teal, wigeon, scaup and ring-necked ducks. A large variety of other wildlife, including moose, beaver, otter, hawks and shorebirds, reside in or regularly visit the marsh.

In recent years, DUC inspections of the control structure on the McKirdy Compartment have revealed it to be rusted and degraded to the point that it is not functioning adequately. As secure water levels are important for breeding waterfowl and other marsh residents, the failing control represented a significant risk that habitat values at the site would degrade if the control was not replaced.

To protect the McKirdy Compartment from the threat of drainage and ensure that stable water levels are maintained, in summer 2007 the failing water control structure at the outlet of Cranberry Marsh was replaced by a new concrete drop structure with a polyethylene culvert section. The new water control structure has an expected lifespan of up to 100 years. The control replacement was completed as planned and within budget, and no problems were encountered.


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