Maps Disclaimer

Users of this consolidated material are advised that it has been prepared for use as a ready reference and has no legal force or effect. The Biodiversity Atlas and all of its contributors and partners do not accept any liability of any kind arising out of any use of the materials by any third party. Third parties using or relying on any of the material do so at their own risk and should confirm information from the applicable authorities.

These maps are not intended for navigation purposes.

These maps may be generalized and may not reflect current conditions.

These maps should not be used as the basis for legal decision making.

Some data may be shown at smaller scales in order to ensure, for example, the protection of nest or den sites from possible harassment or the direct persecution of individual species.   Data which are sensitive for ecological, academic or other reasons will have locations masked or removed. Such records fall under the exemption provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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