How you Can help

Contribute to our site

We are always interested to hear from anyone who wants to help with the Columbia River Basin Biodiversity Atlas. If you have ideas, data, resources or comments, please contact us at: [email protected]. Join the growing number of people and organizations collaborating and contributing to the Atlas.

Citizen Science

There are many ways for you to provide valuable data—and you don't even need a science background! Citizen science describes projects where people gather and report simple scientific data (for example, rare bird sightings). It's a great way to get involved and help with projects of interest.

We have a new citizen science area on the Atlas that we are really excited about. It’s under the ACTIVITIES heading on the home page. If you’d prefer the direct route, just click here. We also have a page where we describe some other great local initiatives.

In addition to the citizen science tools here on the Atlas, there are many, many other projects globally and locally; explore the web for others that may be of interest to you. Here’s a sampling to get you started

BC Breeding Bird Atlas

Christmas bird count — the longest running environmental census.

NatureWatch — a series of environmental monitoring projects including Frogwatch, IceWatch, WormWatch and  PlantWatch.

NAMOS BC — Amphibians of the Central Interior

Help at home

You can help conserve biodiversity on your land by taking action today:

Get smart

Protecting and conserving habitats is critical to ensuring biodiversity. Learn more about land covenants, conservation properties, and how you can help conserve biodiversity.
Contact federal or provincial agencies, or one of the many environmental non-government organizations actively involved in land conservation.

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