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As suitable wildlife habitat decreases with human activities and other factors, it is harder and harder for birds to find natural cavities in trees in which to lay a nest. Nest boxes, though they aren't as suitable as natural sites, at least provide birds with some alternatives. Though very simple—more-or-less just a rectangular box with a small hole/doorway—nest boxes provide the needed shelter for birds to call home and raise their young.

Thanks to various individuals and agencies, there are now at least 200 nest boxes in the Canadian portion of the Columbia River Basin. These boxes are home to a variety of birds, including Vaux's swift and the Western Screech Owl, which is threatened federally and red-listed provincially. To see some of the other birds featured here on the Biodiversity Atlas, click here.

How You Can Help

By sharing information through the simple pull-down menus within the Nest Box Reporter Tool, you can help us all learn about various birds' reproductive success, nesting behavior, migration habits and ecology. This information is vital and will contribute to conservation and the biodiversity of our Columbia Basin. Thanks very much for your contribution and happy birding! If you are interested in learning how to build a nest box, click here for an example of the dimensions and materials required. To report a nest box sighting, click on the "Launch Reporter" image at right.


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