Citizen Science

Citizen science is an approach to scientific research that is gaining in popularity and becoming an important way to gather and analyze data. Simply put, it lets amateurs contribute to a science-related project.

Citizen science is particularly effective in projects covering a large geographic area and/or those which have a long duration. In the case of the Biodiversity Atlas, we are covering the entire Canadian portion of the Columbia River Basin and the Atlas is long-term undertaking. It's perfect for citizen science and a great opportunity for citizens like you to get involved.

With the Biodiversity Atlas, you can help with things like the monitoring of endangered species (and even not-so endangered species). Our first three tools are: 1) Roadkill Reporter, 2) Nest Box Reporter and 3) Wildlife Tree Reporter. To learn more about these tools, click on the associated link above or to the right.

This is a pilot project and we'll be adding more tools in the future so be certain to check back often. We have gathered some links from citizen science initiatives we think you might find interesting. You can take a look here If you'd like to suggest any wildlife observation tools, or if you have any comments or suggestions regarding citizen science on the Atlas, please send an email to [email protected].

We look forward to your contributions. Citizen science is an easy and fun way for you to contribute to healthy biodiversity in the Columbia River Basin.


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