The Columbia River Basin
Biodiversity Atlas

The goal of the Biodiversity Atlas is to provide information critical to making good conservation-planning decisions.

The Atlas has been developed with geographic information system (GIS) technology to provide information on biodiversity and help people learn, understand, and make decisions. Biodiversity is defined in the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy as: "the variety of species and ecosystems on Earth and the ecological processes of which they are a part." Many people use the term interchangeably with nature—something which thrives in the Columbia River Basin. By using GIS, the Atlas offers visitors like you a unique and enlightening perspective on biodiversity in the area. Enjoy your visit!




New Beta Map Interface — July 2016
Check out our new Beta Mapping Interface. It is still currently in development, contact us if you have any suggestions!

New Layers — January 2014
Two new layers have been added to the Biodiversity Atlas: Riparian Ecosystems and Bull Trout. Thanks to Jenny Coleshill and Gerry Nellestijn for their contributions to these new layers.

Citizen Science Reporting Tools
Find out how you can contribute to the Biodiversity Atlas through our newly updated reporting tools.

Steering Committee News
Meet the Biodiversity Atlas Steering Committee.

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